Five Artists who Deserve your Attention

The following is a list of five female musicians that you should most certainly know about…

Kali Uchis 


Karly-Marina Loaiza AKA Kali Uchis is a  multi-talented soul singer and songwriter. The 24-year-old has created a homemade empire for herself. She has been nominated for two Grammys and has collaborated with an array of talented artists including Daniel Caesar, Jorja Smith, The Dap Kings, Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins. Uchis spent her early years in Columbia then moved to Virginia. She was living in her car at age 17 where she wrote songs and poems in her notebook. She had the audacity to start recording music in the said car and managed to put together an impressive demo. She later took that demo to no other than the iconic Dap-Kings which resulted in a career-altering collaboration on a tracked titled Killer that was featured on her debut full-length album. She has been fiercely independent her whole life and the majority of her family still lives in Columbia. She takes risks, is constantly working, plays multiple instruments including the saxophone and has a true earth-shattering voice. All of her music videos are worthy of short film awards, her style is timeless and her eloquence is mesmerizing. She is currently in the midst of an extensive tour, her performances are unsurprisingly incredible. Check out her latest single with the hip-hop genius Tyler the Creator and funk legend Bootsy Collins here.



Fatimah Warner AKA Noname is a Chicago born and bred hip-hop artist and poet. The innovative 26-year-old has been rapping and doing slam poetry since 2010. She collaborates with Chance the Rapper extensively, most notably on the gorgeous track Lost on his acclaimed second album Acid Rap. Noname’s full-length album Telefone released in 2016 is nothing shy of brilliant. It is lyrically courageous, musically complex and ubiquitously garnished with her unparalleled flow. Rolling Stone Magazine called it the most thought-provoking hip-hop album of the year. She is currently touring across the US followed by a festival-centric summer. Her performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Series showcases her rapping ability and impossibly humble presence, check it out here.

Princess Nokia


Destiny Frasqueri AKA Princess Nokia is a New York-based amply skilled rapper. She is from African American and Puerto Rican descent and grew up in Harlem, New York. She pioneered the podcast The Smart Girls Club alongside Milah Liblin, which celebrates feminism and transparent conversation in a safe space amongst women. Her music is wonderfully distinctive, complex and refreshing. She identifies as a Bruja, queer and feminist, in her words, she isn’t burdened but empowered by her complexity. She lost her mother at a young age to HIV and lived in an abusive foster system afterward. Her breakthrough album 1992 which came out last year “freed her soul” as she tenderly explains on her podcast. She admits to being fully lost in depression in the past but she encourages inspiration in replace on anger and sadness. She is constantly reinventing herself and exploring the depths of her personality. Her music is a true reflection of her radical mind and a slipstream of her captivating creativity. 1992 is blazingly gritty and beautifully unapologetic, check it out here.

Jamila Woods


Jamila Woods is the Chicago based R&B singer, songwriter, and poet. Her music is extraordinarily sophisticated, liberating and impossibly smooth. She is a graduate from the Ivy League Brown University. She collaborated with Chance the Rapper most on the song Blessings from his Grammy award-winning album Colouring Book. She also collaborated with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on White Privilege II. Her debut solo album HEAVN (on Jagjaguwar Records) is a phenomenal record that crystallizes the arduous labour of struggle while simultaneously honoring freedom. It is a profound exploration of emotional resilience and sounds like sonic honey to boot. Her single Holy reveals her lyrical precision and musical aptitude, check it out here. 

FKA Twigs


Tahlia Barnett, also known as FKA Twigs has certainly gained a well-deserved following along her musical trajectory thus far. She is a British Singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and director. She is a true artist who is exceptionally skilled at various mediums. Her concerts are like performance art and her music is a transcending experience. She grew up as a trained jazz dancer which is certainly apparent in her music videos. At age 18 started producing her own music and found a team in London to work with. She worked as a backup dancer during this time, you can find her on Jessie J’s video for Do it like a Dude. In 2014 she was experiencing self-depreciation and worked on an album through it which resulted in breakthrough debut record LP1 on Young Turks Records. She has directed most of her music videos and her adventurous, experimental and stunning talents are on display in these works of art. Her latest project was dancing beautifully to the latest Anderson. Paak track titled Till it’s Over for the Apple Homepod speakers in a short film directed by Spike Jonze. It is nothing short of amazing, check it out here. 

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