Lynx and the Servants of Song-Northlands


LYNX & the Servants of Song are a multifaceted wall of talent based out of Portland, Oregon, led by the immensely talented Caitlin ‘LYNX’ DeMuth. They have just released their debut album Northlands. Northlands is a collection of exquisitely arranged stories, well earned lessons and refined anecdotes. The lyrics are charmingly insightful, tastefully sentimental and truly moving. LYNX’s wanderlust and relentlessly generous spirit is palpable throughout the entire record. This is one of those rare emotionally transparent albums like Lucinda’s William’s Car Wheels and A Gravel Road and Joni Mitchell’s Blue. There is an influence of Fleetwood Mac, Alabama Shakes and First Aid Kit in their music that is notable but not overpowering.  The instrumentation gracefully wavers between Americana and the Blues, it’s both soft yet tough.Her voice is an experience, an avalanche of emotion and a wall of talent. There is heartache, depth, wisdom and playfulness in every note she delivers. There are no shortcuts in her rendering, she fully commits to singing her homemade songs straight from the basement of her heart.

She has been writing, producing and performing professionally for over a decade. The Servants of Song features Cheya Mackay on guitar, Nickles D’onofrio on bass, Julian Fritz on drums and Asher Fulero on keys.

LYNX always thrives in collaborative endeavours and in addition to the band she is also producing and co-writing two records for two up and coming artists. Her intentional analogue approach to Northlands showcases her instrumental talent as a guitarist and composer that pairs perfectly with her singing and songwriting ability. This is one of those albums that breaks you apart, feeds your soul then gracefully sews you back together. You can check out their single Coming on Strong from Northlands HERE

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