Skye Wallace-Something Wicked


There is nobody quite like the courageous yet gentle Skye Wallace. She makes soft music loud with her audacious spirit and ferocious grapple on the guitar.Wallace is a well-trained singer, but lets her voice run free. The inspiration of Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith are garnished, not marinated over her authentic pipes.

She grew up in various corners of small town Ontario, lived in Vancouver for ten years and now resides in the ever-musically inspiring Toronto. Something Wicked is Wallace’s second full-length album, it completely differs from her previous record titled Living Parts released in 2014. Something Wicked is a refreshing cleanse of sonic liberation, rock and roll lullabies and lyrical tapestry. It embodies the astute subtly of folk music and the intrepid attitude of punk rock.

Wallace was going through some significant and rather difficult changes after a long tour prior to this recording. She capitalized on the crooked creativity that is typically repressed during a time like this by making a remarkable album. She joined forces with musician/ producer extraordinaire Jim Bryson, (Punchbuggy, The Weakerthans) Oliver Fairfield (Timbre Timbre) and Philippe Charbonneau (Andy Shauf) in studio for no more than a few days. The album is lo-fi yet refined, emotionally generous yet mysterious and confident but not arrogant. The lyrics and instrumentation are relentlessly emotional and frank. Wallace’s instrumental approach is similar to that of St Vincent (Annie Clark); she elegantly wails on her beast of a guitar. This in turn creates an internal visceral storm that is both beautiful and challenging. Something Wicked achieves the rare combination of difficult and exciting, it emanates with the philosophy behind Immanuel Kant’s “the terrifying sublime”. This is not an album that takes shortcuts to preserve your precious heart; it’s magnificently honest. Something Wicked is a rare contemporary Canadian marvel that sticks to every inch of you.

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  1. Bill Forst says:

    Great review of a talented young woman. Not quite Vancouver though for her teen years…Roberts Creek, which should be recognized for its arts milieu.

  2. Beryl says:

    The post has actually peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your website
    and keep checking for new tips.

  3. Maira says:

    Really excellent post, I definitely adore this website, keep on it.

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