Illvis Freshly-Illennials, The New School

illvis-freshly-crew-black-and-whiteIllvis Freshly are the Victoria, BC based hip-hop, rock and roll and funk infused sonic experience. Their style is the epitome of what we love about the west coast- it’s laid back, intuitive, fresh, and fun as hell. I.F’s sophomore album “Illennials” is a landscape of well executed modern reflections and societal insight. The foundation of the band is fundamentally hip-hop featuring  the talented MC’s Dan Howse and Jesus Estevez. I.F also features the immersive DJing by Justin Doyle and the richly funky guitarist Phil Lyons.

The layers of musical stylings combined with slyly subversive lyrics make I.F. a new voice for a misunderstood generation. Estevez describes their music as “chicken soup for the disenfranchised millennial soul”. The band members eloquently admit they feel we live in a dystopian society but it’s all going to be OK. They are the well attended metaphorical party that never ends. Additionally, the band never ceases to put on amazing shows that gets the whole room moving. They are vivacious, lively and ubiquitously present on stage-it’s apparent this is where they are meant to be.

Illennials is a twelve song sound track for the positive and ripe aspects of west coast Canadian contemporary social culture. The tone is contentious but all inclusive which is a direct reflection of the those in the band. The songs are musical and lyrically dynamic and the sound is consistently entertaining. Illvis Freshly is the Victoria party band, which could not be more well deserved and appropriate to the city of dreams

You can check out the video for “Till it’s Gone”  here and listen to the whole album here.


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