From Sanskrit To Selfie Sticks- The Rise and Fall of Bohemia

 Disclaimer: sorry hippies.
Let me begin this potentially controversial article by stating that I completely recognize our entire society is powerfully and poorly affected by technology.I’m not referring to the access to a wider selection of knowledge at a highly efficient pace or the ability to communicate with loved ones almost anywhere.I am referring to the profoundly addicted generation we are currently in the throes of. The addiction to validation and disillusioned human connection we are constantly seeking though a screen. I am referring to the science of our brains being remodelled in that we now release actual endorphins when we receive positive alerts on these screens.I am referring to the desperation to fight loneliness and filling this gnawing chasm in our souls with the only way we now feel that we can.Yes,I know I am not exempt from this experience and I do see the irony towards the delivery of this message. That stated,myself and many others are aware towards the demise of our civilization and have generally accepted it yet try to utilize it in the best way possible. However,I do find it surprising that the social media phenomenon is so prevalent in the festival,rave,electronic and spiritual world,i.e: the hippie universe.
I get that being technologically focused also means being kinder to the environment but besides that,there is some major hypocrisy going on which is too bad considering this is often the argument against hippies ( and I’m on your side you crazy elves).
Isn’t this entire counter culture based on spiritual awakening,connecting with nature,not judging others and not feeling the need to be approved by society? Isn’t Bohemia all about truly connecting with one another and dancing like no one is watching,not to dance only if people are watching?I get there is a movement going on with twerking and body empowerment which I am in complete support of but this battle gets a bit lost in the filters of your photos scrambled all over the web. I see primarily aesthetics and current trends associated with electronic festivals that probably stand for much more. The dawning of the age of aquarius was once celebrated at festivals like Woodstock and the early stages of  Burning Man by completely disassociating with reality and focusing on mind expansion,human connection and being one with the environment. I know it’s a cliche argument to refer to how much more real things were in the good old days,but in this instance shouldn’t it always be like the good ol days? Isn’t hippie culture associated with connecting to ancient roots and spirituality?Isn’t that what yoga,meditation and energy alignment is fuelled by?Besides the spiritual aspect of it isn’t the fashion and lifestyle also referencing a time we were not zombies obsessed with technology and media?

I see more photos and videos of modelesque,primarily white and quite similarly dressed  people associated with electronic festivals more than any other kind.I see more selfies,Facebook updates and photo shoots from those who associate with this occult yet elitist world. I find it disheartening as at least mainstream festivals and the people that attend generally know that they’re part of the cooperate world.We count on spiritual people to inspire us to be less modern and shallow. We need you hippies,fight for your culture and get back to the garden.

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