C.R. Avery- All The Angels Didn’t Scare Me

10647202_10204598674628232_2699909002104714549_nPhoto By Lola Frost

The diversely and uniquely talented C.R Avery is soon to release a new album that will break your heart, blow your mind and melt your demons. Avery is one of Vancouver’s finest who has been pumping out powerful music and hypnotic performances for over 20 years. This is Avery’s whopping 17th album, the man is no stranger to rock and roll. Sometimes an unfortunate phenomenon occurs when an idiosyncratically local musician reaches a city’s musical plateau due to being drenched with ego boosts and easy bookings. However, I am happy to report that is not at all the case here, this is easily Avery’s best work yet. All Angels Didn’t Scare Me weaves the strongest aspects of several distinctive genres. To describe Avery’s music as varied and multi-instrumental is perhaps a tad cliché, however it’s essentially unavoidable as Avery manages to cross genres in the best way possible. In order to properly express this said diversity I will be more specific.

All The Angels Didn’t Scare Me is filled with the heart of a classic country album, weaving heartache and hilarity gracefully yet powerfully. His songwriting is infused with classic Americana and if I were to compare him to anyone here it would be Amy Grant and Chris Whitley. Each song is a narrative about a different character and references to what it truly is to live in East Van. Steve Dawson’s lead guitar playing emanates that of a blues musician from hundreds of years ago haunting the back of some freight train while achieving musical excellence. There is distinctive intelligence in the album and what one may even call “magic”; it reaches a place beyond the corners of reality.

Avery is enigmatically unstoppable music machine; he pumps out songs like a vending machine pumps out candy at a 4:20 rally. Over the years, Avery has collected wisdom not dust and I can’t wait for you to hear this album.




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