Why Criticizing Coachella is Useless

Maddy Cristall


Beautiful people somehow managing to have fun

Coachella; a term that may immediately create images of trendy cultural misappropriation,trust fund kids trying to desperately spot celebrities and a sea of people who generally contradict the foundation of music festivals. Coachella may also make one think of the first major festival of the year where an eclectic mix of the world’s most successful recording artists perform to countless beautiful people in ideal desert weather.

The incredibly popular two-weekend festival is less than a month away which is when an abundance of articles are released addressing how terrible the whole damn thing is. Meanwhile, it is common that prior to the event, festivalgoers lounge in Palm Springs or L.A meeting Vince Staples and SZA by the Poolside. Coachella is geared towards the wealthy, lucky and stereotypically gorgeous people of the world.

The countless articles bashing Coachella mainly addresses A) How the festival…

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