Daniel Romano-The Ultimate Southern Gentleman



Daniel Romano is the distinctive Ontario based Country singer songwriter. Romano makes classic Country music in a contemporary fashion and doesn’t necessarily do that on purpose. His music encompasses everything that is right about Country music; it’s unabashed and both heartbreaking yet hilarious. However, Romano is by no means practicing some kind of gimmick. Although, his clothing choices may suggest the complete opposite of my previous notion, he is just truly Country and southern gentlemen need to represent accordingly. Romano is often clad in tailor made western cowboy suits and both a guitar and guitar strap celebrating his name in a style that is custom designed by Romano himself. Romano’s creativity doesn’t end there, he has a whole franchise of leather and hand crafted music accessories and designs impressive album art work (Including that of for M. Ward and the Weather Station). Additionally, Romano started his own record label titled “ You’ve Changed Records” alongside Steve Lambke (The Constantines) who opened for Romano this tour. Needless to say, Romano is a creative mastermind who hones a particularly impressive skill set.

Romano’s performance was well situated at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, a venue that is a recently refurnished erotic vintage theatre. It is a exquisite place that seems to cater to a more refined crowd during weekday performances in our fair city. Everyone at the show was certainly a fan, many even traveled from the island for the event. Other’s stalked up on beer at the bar before the performance so they could stand front-row and get faced for the duration of the generous set (true story). Romano plays with a intuitive band who give each of his well crafted songs the respect they deserve. He plays guitar with pure elegance while his illustrious voice orchestrate his poignant lyrics. His body of work is filled with sorrow, heartache and wisdom. He never borderlines feeling sorry for himself yet points out the sheer sadness of love and loneliness and it isn’t dramatic, it’s just honest. Very few words were shared on behalf of the audience that crisp Vancouver weeknight. Fans simply observed in a solitary fashion trying to avoid blinking in that they didn’t want to miss a mere moment.This tour celebrates the release of his latest and sixth album “ If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ ”. Although Romano’s music has always been honest and void of distraction this is certainly the most sophisticated body of work yet and it works brilliantly for him. Romano continues to evolve as an astute musician and is certainly one of Canada’s finest renaissance men.

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  1. noracristall says:

    Love the review. Can hardly wait to see this guy.

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