Where To Be Amongst The Fallen Leaves-Upcoming Shows In Vancouver That Will Reheat You This Fall



Summer was an intoxicating explosion of musical brilliance but I’m somehow relieved its over. Summer seems to be so fleeting that’s it’s difficult to fully believe, maybe this means I have commitment issues. German philosopher Immanuel Kant described this feeling as the “ Terrifying Sublime” which explains when something is so incredible that it’s frightening, like love…or summer. We now find ourselves once again in the season of moody weather and abrupt routine; with a hint of nutmeg. It is a time to be introspective, creative and reflective; each of which are vague emotions we use to deal with the fact that the days are getting shorter. However, amongst this unsettling time there is an abundant array of live music that will warm you right up. Here, are my humble suggestions…

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats at the Commodore Ballroom September 23

Uncle Acid is a Heavy Psych Rock band from Cambridge, England. Their music is packed generously with thick guitar riffs, eccentric reverb and wonderfully twisted lyrics. Their music contains a certain frequency that swallows listener’s whole, especially in a live setting. Uncle Acid uses vintage equipment to pay homage to the music that inspires them such as early Black Sabbath and The Stooges. Their music embodies a refreshing blend of tormented lullabies and inducing sludge. This upcoming performance will melt your face and your body will follow, don’t miss it.

Chelsea Wolfe at the Rickshaw September 30

Chelsea Wolfe is the unmistakable singer-songwriter from LA, California. Wolfe is a gothic angel who combines complex layers of genres such as Folk and Drone Metal. She creates ballads that both haunt and elevate the spirit; she imprints you with the exotic whisper of death yet screams with vitality. Her songs are rich and complicated; she sings her sinister heart out, wails on the guitar and moves with complete grace. Her performance will paralyze the audience, leaving us in the dust of our own beautifully melancholic humanity.

Peaches at the Commodore October 6

There is no person, let alone musician in the world quite like Peaches. Merril Disker A.K.A Peaches is actually originally from Canada but comfortably resides in Berlin, Germany. She is a one-woman enterprise as she plays her own instruments, produces all of her albums and programs her own electronic beats. Previous albums of Peaches include “Impeach my Bush” and “ I Feel Cream and Other Work”. She challenges social norms, musical structure, and gender binaries all while belting excellent tunes while clad entirely in glitter. Her performances are like going to an innovative women’s studies lecture and a thrilling Eastern European after-hours warehouse party.

 Black Lips and Ariel Pink at the Rickshaw October 10

I cannot imagine a stronger-suited double bill in a more suitable venue, I simply can’t imagine it.The Black Lips are a vibrant and zany Psych Rock band from Atlanta,Georgia. They have made 7 strong studio albums yet they are arguably best known for their wild live performances that normally involve at least PG 13 nudity and flaming guitars. They do exactly what they desire and fans all over the world enjoy the result abundantly. Touring with Ariel Pink was a genius career move for the Black Lips because he is as uniquely uninhabited as they are. Ariel Pink is an unconventional singer songwriter from L.A, California and has truly crafted his own unique sound. His music combines 80’s cassette culture, Synth Pop and Post Punk. Kurt Cobain and Cher inspire his fashion style; he is unapologetic, has 10 successful albums behind him and continues to evolve. He makes Lo-Fi lullabies; heart felt ballads and good ol Rock and Roll. People tend to love him or hate him, you may as well love him. This concert is certainly  unpredictable but it’s guaranteed to be memorable.

Destroyer at the Commodore Ballroom October 17

Destroyer is a personal favourite and like many people that reside in Vancouver we are often perplexed when we see this sonic genius modestly walking around the neighbourhood when our lives have truly been changed by his music. Needless to say, I’m a big fan and perversely excited for this performance.

Dan Bejar is the man behind Destroyer; he is multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and also a member of The New Pornographers. Destroyer creates music that is unconventional, poetic, genre bending and rare yet accessible. This tour celebrates the recent release of another powerful album titled “Poison Season” which is his first since the instant classic “Kaputt” released in 2011 and widely recognized as one of the best indie records ever made.Destroyer is a walking music revolution and this performance will likely tattoo you with veneration . Additionally, Victoria based Frog Eyes and Psych Rock band Dada Plan will be suitably and enjoyably opening.

Let’s take back the season, no fun city only applies to no fun people. These concerts will keep you going all year long.


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