Wear Whatever You Want


Let’s be honest, summer can suck sometimes, it’s mostly amazing but sometimes it’s just too damn hot and we all know this otherwise air-conditioning would not exist. However, despite it’s bouts of difficulty it’s a glorious season; it’s bright, beautiful, and bursting with fun, we just need periodic strategies to cool off and one of them is wearing less clothing. Some people adore summer fashion; it’s simple, light and sparse, some people don’t for the exact same reasons. However, wearing little clothing is necessary for our well being which is the most important part of enjoying this strangely complex season. I personally find it essential to withdraw from tending to physical appearance in the summer, as this time of year is more utilitarian than aesthetically important. Ironically, people look extraordinarily attractive in the heat with their natural hues, windswept hair and sun kissed faces. The unfortunate thing is that I have been noticing a significant series of conversations, articles and marketing strategies that send the message it isn’t OK to show your body if it isn’t perfect by our impossible North American standards. I don’t know who decided what body type is perfect and how the hell we listened to them but it has certainly become ingrained into our society. This behaviour is called body shaming, it is alive and well and affects us more than we realize subconsciously. Body shaming affects men, women and children, we do it to ourselves and we do it to others. Here are some current examples of body shaming in our society…


This is from a recent article in the “Modern Man” a term we usually reserve for progressive, emotionally sensitive and self aware men.

  • The “Dad Body Article” that went viral from The Odyssey, the article discusses the perfect balance of athletic and doughy male bodies, suggesting this physique is the “new look” for men this year. The problem is that even though it’s celebrating a common and obtainable body size,it is only geared towards men, it is somebody else’s pre-conceived notion of what is acceptable and it is specific to young men. Additionally the backlash of this article involved criticizing shirtless men with very normal bodies with headlines such as “Dad body isn’t really in” and other words that waste your time.
  • Instagram deletes risqué photos of women revealing their bodies if they’re heavier and/or “flawed” bodies. This has happened for over 70,000 users simply showing off their bodies like many other Instragram users.
  • Countless cooperate food products are marketed at being low in fat, not healthy and it’s difficult for many people to understand the difference.
  • Tabloids depict the bikini body more than any other subject.
  • The countless “summer is coming” get a “beach body” and “look good in a bathing suit” help turn summer into this frightening experience that is impending upon us.

images-1From a recent Campaign titled ” Strong4life” out of Georgia to raise awareness on child obesity.The project was not successful as statistics show shame is not a catalyst for change.

images-2Apparently the outcome of a common house hold staple that is commonly enjoyed internationally.

It is no surprise the media is littered with strategies to poison our minds and in turn convince us we need to buy more to avoid imaginary problems. What is surprising is that I continue to read, hear and experience messages that suggest we should reveal, alter or cover our bodies from those around me.The only person that gets to decide what you wear outdoors is you and that is one of the best parts of freedom so enjoy it. In my experience, everyone is unhappy with at least something on their body and no one else seems to notice or care about that same very thing. Trust me on this one, you will look and feel the most attractive when you stop criticizing yourself and others. You look amazing, the best diet is one from the media and you already have a bathing suit body if you own a bathing suit. The point is- it’s summer, it’s hot outside and this only happens once a year so wear whatever you want and try to enjoy every second of this godforsaken season.




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