Young Guns


The most unreasonably talented kids currently ruling the music industry

king-kruleKing Krule

Archy Marshall A.K.A King Krule is a 20 year old English genre bending, gut wrenching, soul-soothing multi-instrumentalist. He has had an admitted difficult childhood and found salvation through music. His sound crosses various genres; his voice is unmistakable and his music in wonderfully indescribable. His lyrics are drenched in pain and poetry, he slays the guitar and generates transcending Trip Hop beats. His thick British accent, gruff yet exquisite singing and unlawfulness make his music addictive and refreshingly raw.

 Willow Smith

Willow Smith is the offspring of Will and Jada Smith, whom you may have heard of. Yes, she comes from two wildly famous individuals who are extremely wealthy and supportive, but that’s not why she’s as powerful as she is. Smith is 15 years old, has a beautiful-soulful voice and sings about subjects that are beyond her years. She is enlightened, well spoken and a natural interviewee. She seems free from youthful discomfort and spite. Some may say that anyone who comes from that much money is bound to sound flawless due to expensive production and industry hook-ups, however the same argument could be made about Kelly Osborne. She is signed on her mentor Jay Z’s record label:Roc Nation, she has several hits under her tiny belt and owns her own organization that raises funds for Zambian children with AIDS. With her molasses infused voice, enigmatically mature attitude and fresh approach; Willow Smith is the real deal.

 Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is the 21-year-old Hip Hop Artist out of Chicago. Chance intermingles Dirty South, Backpack Rap and mainstream hooks. He is a conscious artist with a silver tongue who has found a way to properly express his exuberant spirit. His music is grimy, vibrant and fun which is such a satisfying combination in contemporary Hip Hop. Chance is an exhilarating performer, spoken word poet and successful recording artist. Chance has released five impressive albums, tours across the globe and remains unabashed, which is notable for anyone, let alone someone who just became legal.

Earl Sweatshirt

 Earl Sweatshirt is an extraordinary young man, which I state with complete sincerity. Earl Sweatshirt is a 21-year-old rapper in the innovative group “Odd Future” and has a significant solo career. Earl Sweatshirts’ presence in Odd Future is often overshadowed by front man and best friend Tyler the Creator who is equally as impressive, however Tyler receives eons of recognition beyond Earl. Earl Sweatshirt has a profound, dark and perfectly uncomfortable approach to rap offering a certain zeal to the unique nature of Odd Future. His solo work consists of three albums with various collaborations most notably with Vince Staples and RZA. His father also happens to be “Bra Willie” a prominent South African poet and political activist- so strong genes are on his side. His music videos are avant-garde, his performances are ruthless and his delivery is completely unmistakable. His voice is thick and his lyrics are packed with torture and hysteria. However, despite his alluring darkness, there is something so sweet and whimsical about the boy, which is an amazing anomaly that few have achieved.

 Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg is the 21-year-old (something about 1994 made for some talented spawn) English singer-songwriter who truly embodies the best part about the late 60’s and early 70’s. Bugg is noticably influenced by Donovan, Johnny Cash and The Jam. He is a wise and talented musician, bringing back adored sounds without damaging them. I hesitate to label Bugg as a “throwback musician” as his sound is unique, yet it certainly borrows from a series of genres that were once more active. Bugg is reminding our modern society what is so special about Folk Tales, Alternative Country and Brit-Pop. Out with two albums and one shortly on the way Jake Bugg is here to remind us what’s up.

Some may feel concerned about the cutthroat, broke, and potentially artless nature of modern society. The good news is that music is immortal, constantly evolving and here to remind us that the kids are beyond alright.

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