Dino Archie-Choosy Lover


Photo by Leigh Righton

Dino Archie is the charismatic, hilarious and fresh comic that resides in Vancouver. Originally from Fresno, California Archie is now one of our local marvels. Although stand up comedy is alive and well, it still happens to take something of a backseat to the vast depths of music, film and food in Vancouver. This makes comedy extravagant and unique to experience in this city. What’s great and possibly unknown is that there is some excellent comedians frequently performing in Vancouver. Dino Archie is definitely the cream of the crop and dominating the comedy scene. His talent is certainly recognized as he has a weekly spot headlining at the comedy mix, preforms often at the Electric Owl and Fox Cabaret and tours frequently.

Archie is special as he unabashed, hilarious, charismatic and inclusive. He invites the audience to walk through a series of thoughts and stories with him that all share a certain quality of sincerity and normalcy. He discusses what we are currently experiencing in our social culture and how ridiculous it all is but funny as hell if we let it be. Archie plays with the doomed modern age of dating, our communal broken economic stature and impractical ideologies he has once played with.

His timing, inclusivity and ease on stage is easy to just fall into and laugh into oblivion while consistently nodding your head in recognition of the sheer truth of it all.Out with his first album “Choosy Lover,”  (produced by Kevvy) which is available on itunes and touring with new goofs,Archie is definitely someone to watch.

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