Must see’s of March (A title that didn’t necessarily take long)

PunchBrothers_courtesy-Yevgen-Gulenko_WEBPunch Brothers

Daniel Lanois March 4th-The Commodore Ballroom

Producer extraordinaire and impressive musician to boot is an unstoppable music phenomenon. He has been in the industry for countless years and has produced some of the most successful albums of all time including Bob Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind (In which we made the amazing musician sound even better) and U2’s Joshua Tree (in which he made the band sound beyond tolerable). He has worked extensively with Neil Young, Phil Collins and Emmylou Harris just to name a few. Lanois collaborates with Brian Eno extensively and the two have challenged and elevated music history.

Lanois’ musician work is extensive and dignified, not to mention multifaceted which is truly something to be respected. He plays in a band titled “Black Dub” with the impressive Trixie Whitley, Brian Blade and Daryl Johnson. His solo projects are delicate, refined and at times transcending. He speaks various musical languages fluently and invites a dialogue with listeners. Originally from Ancaster, Ontario, one of Canada’s best is on a national tour that is guaranteed to blow some national minds

Nickleback Rogers Arena March 15th

…Just kidding.

Amanda Palmer at the Vogue March 18th

Amanda Palmer, currently a solo musician previously from the Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn is like no other. She encompasses what is wonderful and unique about the nomadic, passionate and ruthless woman. Her music is a combination of storytelling, performance art and good ol rock and roll. Her performances are experiences, each one perpetually evolved from the previous. Additionally, she is an avid public speaker, beholding the notably viral Ted Talk on “ The Art Of Asking”. She is smart, authentic and unpredictable and I’m brimming with excitement towards of what she might do next.

The Cave Singers and Kathryn Calder March 20th at the Rickshaw

The Cave singers are a three-piece band from Seattle, Washington; each member is previously from other excellent music projects. Formerly on Matador Records and currently Jagjaguwar the three fellas have refined a distinctive and punctuated sound. They create haunting lullabies, unpretentious rock and roll and the occasional folk tale.

Kathryn Calder is one of the New Pornographers and a lovely solo musician. Her heart wrenching songs drip with humility and honesty. I believe this evening will break you into tiny little pieces then gently put you back together.

Punch Brothers March 25th at the Vogue

It’s almost difficult to write a paragraph about the musical marvels we know as the Punch Brothers, what truly is difficult is digesting that not everyone in the world knows who they are. However, the Punch Brothers are a five-piece “progressive bluegrass” band from New York signed with Nonesuch records. Each member is an individual prodigy at their instrument, which is essentially how they all found one another. They are a phenomenal, genre bending, gut wrenching, mind-bending group that constantly evolves. They’re on tour with their fifth album titled “Phosphorescent Blues” which is arguably their best yet. Their live performances are wonderful experiences in which the audience is paralyzed by their unbelievable aptitude.

Humans at Celebrities March 28th at the Rickshaw

Humans are a local duo made of up Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade. The two create exciting and spirited Indie Electro Pop that usually directs a sloppy dance party. However, the two know what they’re doing and are void of relying on computer software programs to create the illusion of a beat being dropped. They are musicians that have contemplated dance music with precision, which makes for a more mindful sloppy dance party.

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