Made in China-A transcending Dance Production.

Something wonderful happens when four people with diverse talents somehow find one another in this massive world and collaborate. Made in China is an excellent portrayal of the power of the quad. Presented by the lovely Firehall Arts Centre,The Wen Wei Dance production is two dancers-Sammy Chein and Wen Wei Wang,graphic designer/filmmaker Gao Yanijnzi and multifaceted musician Qui Xia He.Each individual provides a significant bounty of distinctive talent that compliment one another gracefully.The one hour performance is an interpretive dance piece that integrates the multi media power of a projector which was operated flawlessly. Various classic Chinese instruments were played beautifully while the two dancers moved with passion and detail.The work was described by the artists as a “improvised narrative” which left the audience the freedom to design their own story within the abstract and therapeutic piece that altered the senses.Not a minute too short or long,Made in China refreshes theatre goers,reminding us again how infinite the imagination and human body is.

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