The Devil Makes Three at the Commodore Feb 6


The Devil Makes are a three-piece ensemble from Santa Cruz, California. Their music is old time whiskey infused bluegrass with rockabilly garnish and punk rock gravy. Although, they are a contemporary band who formed in 2002, they have created a loyal cult following and their songs are like anthems to the beautiful rejects. Going to their concerts is much like the imagery created in the Who’s 1973 album “Quadrophenia”. There is a noticeable divide of folks who have conflicting ideologies but somehow find themselves in the same place, on the same night. Their music is fun and accessible yet contains complex layers of diverse genres; it all comes smoothly in a trio that sweats out composition and havoc.

Their generous performance at the Commodore was an excellent series of anthems, fresh songs and classics. The power of a distinctive band with loyal fans is endless. The Devil Makes Three is paramount in the world of contemporary bands with cult followings, the merchandise tables were packed and people sang along to all their songs in reckless abandon. They are wild yet refined and completely immersed themselves in this performance. They were covered in sweat and the dew of their passion and didn’t miss a note. This was the perfectly suited live soundtrack to the chaos and splendour of Friday night.

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