Beacon at the Electric Owl



Brooklyn based duo Beacon brought their equally soothing and methodical sounds to the Electric Owl. The two gentlemen are refreshingly dialled into their distinctive sound that crosses genres and appeals to a variety of listeners. Although they incorporate predominately electronic music tools they don’t necessarily sound like an electronic music band. Their work is mature and undoubtably musical, they illuminate their sound through modern equipment but what truly stands out is Thom Mullarney’s  haunting voice that is delicate yet powerful and Jacob Gosett’s multi-instrumental technique. They two met in art school, write their own songs and work flawlessly together. The concert made their chemistry powerfully evident, their music emanated out of their bodies  effortlessly and the whole show looked like performance art. They integrate heavy bass, R&B, jazz and electronica, this particular recipe made for a sexy, bountiful and evocative performance that translates just as well on recordings.

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