Hope to see you there- The Must Sees of January in Van City


Alright, it’s 2015 and the holidays are officially over and the endless self indulgence seems to have reached its expiration date. I love the beginning of January; people are collectively fresh, wide-eyed and optimistic.Additionally, there is more mileage on saying “Happy New Year” to strangers than any other holiday.Although nothing really changed since a couple weeks ago there is a comforting delusion that something significant has happened besides buying a new calendar. Despite my previous seemingly nihilist statement, there is truly lots to look forward to. Our states of mind evolve, we are more open to change and the world becomes more complex. Music has developed into an endless pool of experimentation and authenticity. Vancouver remains free from the ghostly sounds of shattering ice and the feeling of freezing extremities. So, why not check take advantage of some probably amazing performances in the near future, here is a list of my oh so humble suggestions…


Fish and Bird, David Newberry and Jenny Ritter at the Biltmore Jan 8 at the Biltmore

Campbell Bay Music Festival presents this beautifully aligned Triple Bill. It will be like a triathlon for your emotions and a tri-pod for your hips. Jenny Ritter is a local guitar slaying virtuoso with the voice of an angel. David Newberry strings words soaked in passion together and pins them to dry by the heat of his own innovation. Fish and Bird is an unforgettable five piece unconventional Folk band just about to depart to the UK. They are redefining modern music and will instantaneously create a festival experience inside of the dark club on a weeknight. Each member is a music whiz and front man Taylor Ashton’s voice is a rare baritone that sounds like he had an amp for dinner. This is the wine, cheese and chocolate combo of concerts.

Zola Jesus-January 10 at Venue

Zola Jesus, a.k.a Nika Roza Danilova is a rare and wonderful solo artist from Arizona. She is a strong force with a backpack of talent that channels performance art in the midst of her concerts. She gracefully integrates elements of Goth, Experimentation and Industrial .Out with her fifth album and the young age of 25 she has never sounded more polished and distinctive.


Tennis- January 15 at Fortune Sound Club

Denver based trio (two of which are married) are a Low-Fi Indie Pop band. They have an arsenal of stunningly windswept singles that revive the 80’s in the best way possible. They are fun, risky and nautical (likely the residual aftermath of their extensive experience sailing). Come lose yourself to the dance floor and get washed away by the sea breezy sounds of Tennis.


The Wood Brothers-Jan 23 at the Imperial

The Woods brothers are made up of brothers-Oliver (guitar) and Chris (bass) Wood and multi instrumentalist Jano Rix. They are an Americana masterpiece from Colorado. Chris Wood is considered to be one of the best bassist around and also plays in Jazz-Folk trio Medeski, Martin and Wood. They are renowned within the community of musicians and critics. They are Presently signed with Southern Ground Records and previously with Blue Note Records, needles to say; the gentlemen know what’s up. Their harmonies are delicate, their instrumentalism is flawless and their performances are a party. The acoustics at the Imperial will do these music marvels justice and I anticipate the whole room swaying while in awe.


Operators- January 30 and 31st at the Fox Cabaret

Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs and Divine Furs) does his best work yet in his band Operators. Operators are a grimy and generously synthetized Indie-electronica three piece that fills that seemingly insatiable void. It’s loud, unapologetic but polished so it never borderlines obnoxious. Boeckner is a human machine of new sound and this particular one is going to blow your mind and rock your world. Additionally, I cannot imagine a better venue than the exquisite Fox Cabaret for this spectacular event.

See you there!

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