The Return of Reverse Sexism


The butt is back, the big butt in a big way, which is mostly awesome. It is awesome in that curvaceous female bodies are being represented proudly and predominantly in music made by females. Instead of girls dancing with their beautiful bodies in the background to male rappers they are doing it all themselves. I am speaking most specifically about Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and even Miley Cyrus due to her generous contribution to twerking. Young Women are potentially less prone to eating disorders and obsessed with unachievably thin bodies that are celebrated so widely in other aspects of popular culture. Rappers are rapping about it, dancers are dancing about it and people are talking about it. In one aspect we are living in a progressive society in unity around the holy tuckus. However, every utopia has a dystopia, which brings me to how the return of the big butt is not awesome.

To begin, Nicki Minaj’s latest smash hit “Anaconda” is a clear portrayal that she is proud of her very large booty. Her booty is so large that it is unobtainable, especially alongside her flat stomach and huge breasts. Her body is unique just like ultra thin supermodels. This elitist physique is not a new recipe for the very famous and wealthy and she even has the audacity to say “Fuck all of you skinny bitches” at the end of the song. This is a new low in terms of perpetuating the eternal battle of women against women and shaming people based off of their size. I know that this could be considered a third wave representation of feminism but I consider it to be completely disrespectful and hypocritical especially as so many women have naturally thin bodies that they are unhappy with as they can feel scrawny, flat chested and curveless.

Iggy Azalea’s lyrics on “ We Go Hard” state “ Only white girl with a ghetto ass and a pair of fashion titties “ as according to her, large breasts are “porno tits”. This has to be one of the most racist and sexist statements floating around in contemporary music not to mention retroactive for female body liberation. It is great that we are appreciating different body sizes more now than we have before however the previously listed women are physically gifted and don’t obtain a normal physique. In fact, to look like Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj would mean for many women to get plastic surgery, which has statistically been increasing rapidly over the past 3 years. That is not empowerment that is oppression.

Lastly, twerking and booty shaking are great but let us not forget there are other ways for women to express themselves, especially through performance that doesn’t require anything that could potentially make them feel uncomfortable. We are seeing more butt than ever which is a new and exciting thing, but it isn’t the only thing and it certainly shouldn’t make us feel any less passionate about the things we liked before. Whether you got mo butt or no butt, we are all women and moreover; people. Shake that ass, but only if you want to!

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  1. Ben says:

    Could not agree more,this is so perfectly written too.

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