Flying Lotus- You’re Dead


The incredible Flying Lotus just released his fifth studio album “You’re Dead!”. Flying Lotus somehow navigates the balance between zany electronica and distinctively amiable instrumentalism. This is why he has such a large spectrum of fans, attending his concerts is like going to a random sampling session. However, his fans share one thing in common and that is enjoying daring, unique, soul soothing and hip educing music. You’re Dead! Continues to prove my theory that each Flying Lotus album is a further step into his genius subconscious.

Each song grasps a different angle of existence and demise .The concept of the album is about the undeniable relation we all of to the inevitability of death. Death of life, music and how enigmatic life truly is. Steven Ellision (Flying Lotus) has lost many inspiring people in his life including J Dilla, Austin Peralta and his Great Aunt Alice Coltrane. The exclamation point in You’re Dead! Is intentional as although the album is based off of a heavy concept the music is still exuberant and charmingly silly.

In regards to FlyLo’s diversity, the following collaborate on the album: Herbie Hancock, Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar, Brendon Small (Metalocalypse) and of course, his right hand man Thundercat. Shintaro Kago, the notoriously morbid yet quirky visual artist does the album artwork and grasped FlyLo’s concept perfectly.

“You’re Dead!” strings together a series of unlikely well-balanced themes and it works. It’s exquisitely fuelled with Jazz, IDM, Prog and Hip-Hop. It intertwines moments of intensity, grace and comfort. The whole album is walking on a tight rope but never falls off. The albums’ single “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar is an appropriate slice of this opus.

“You’re Dead!” is an excursion; reflecting on the haunting nature of the world yet rendering the beauty in vitality. It is an example of how dark subjects can be poetic, how we find beauty in dirt and diamonds in shit. Flying Lotus not only grasps one of the world’s most difficult subjects but makes an impossibly fun, opulent and appeasing album out of it-available Oct 6th.

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