Jeff Tweedy keeps getting better.


There once lived a band named Wilco and as you may have noticed I write about them quite a bit. Wilco is an arrangement of undeniably talented ex junkies who made albums for two decades that were each perpetually more exciting and perfected than the last. Some of which have changed the face of rock and roll, the way you understand the world and why music still matters. Front man Jeff Tweedy is known for his silky voice accompanied with astonishing guitar riffs and a certain ability to sling words together that are filled with tragedy, poetry and wit. There really is no one quite like him yet he is irrefutably awkward, a humble father and disinterested in the whole wide world bowing down to him. He always seems to come up with new projects that ooze with a sense of freshness and genius. That stated it seems fitting that the admittedly avid family man created a musical project with his 18 year old son Spencer who shares father Tweedy’s poise and talent.

They’re project is fittingly titled “Tweedy”. Although Jeff Tweedy’s new album “Sukierae” is preferably considered a solo project for Senior Tweedy; his son plays on a few songs and joins him on the road. Spencer was in a Jet (Remember Jet!) cover band when he was a little boy and it’s difficult for me to think of anything cuter than that. He ended up becoming a strong musician over the years; he sings, writes and wails on the drums with wild abandon in a way that pertains specifically to his innocent young arms.
Sukierae is a gorgeous, thoughtful and engaging piece of work. The album gracefully grasps the virtue in Tweedy’s voice, the reflective storytelling and is covered in warmth. Tweedy somehow finds the unique balance of Folk, Americana and Country, these interwoven elements make for an album you can truly lose yourself to. Tweedy continues to fish ideas out of his seemingly eternal profound well. The album’s single is titled “Low Key” and does feature Spencer. The music video is more like a short film-it showcases how much fun the two are having together and how nice it must feel to make music with your spawn. Tweedy has remained strong in the threshold of the tense and at times poisonousness music industry.He now gets to enjoy a different pace of making music and we get to enjoy the soundtrack.

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