Why are we guilty?


Guilty pleasures-we all have them from  reality television to news feed non sense, we are willing to indulge into things that we blatantly know are not beneficial for our well being. Guilt associated with music is more complex due to the subjective yet pretentious nature of it. I don’t even know if I subscribe to the notion of having musical guilty pleasures but I definitely behold the idea as if it is inherent. I tend to ignore my Phish or Bela Fonte cravings and find myself personally judgmental upon these desires. However, the biggest one I have under my belt is G love and….the Special Sauce. G love makes me want to wear my PJ’s all day, blow bubbles and build sand castles. These images are simple,kind, and non complicated. This part of my brain needs to exist and be fed my the musical workings of G love as it is the one remaining neighbourhood in my brain that is not convoluted by ferociously searching for lyrical metaphors or progressive experimentation. I need G love to imagine a simple world in which I inhabited as a child. However, somehow he… and his sauce remain guilty as they are simply “uncool” .I am quite sure I successfully lost a friendship when she found out I was a fan as I wasn’t maintaining my obscurest persona which is a bull shit notion to begin with.  We all have fragile infrastructures we so strongly wish will preserve to avoid the risk of becoming vulnerable and dare I say human to others. Our personal Berlin Walls we find necessary to sustain our internal wars.

Sure, G love  have lyrics that sound ghost written by monkeys but the magnificence is in the ease of it. All G love is trying to execute is love, simplicity and happiness and although many of us have synonyms for these words or detours on our journey we are all seeking that too. In fact, he is much braver  than some to just let it all hang out, signing on the beach about kissing pretty woman and never going back to Jersey. I recently found myself on the verge or a breakdown that seemed incomprehensible and bound to take years of psychotherapy to understand yet the second I heard their song “Relax” this state was dissolved into a flurry of ice cream and glitter. We need to feel good and we shouldn’t feel bad about this, so I say turn up your personal G love perhaps it’s Cher, Abba or Milli Vanilli- whatever gets you there, take down your wall!

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