Coachella part one and the problem with the problems.

(AP Photo/Dan Krauss)

The Coachella music festival celebrates it’s fifteenth year, it is smack dab in the desert of Southern California and is one of the largest festivals on the planet. The festival is known for the following:

-Being the first large festival of the year.

-Beholding a large Ferris wheel and interchanging annual art installations in remarkable heat.

-A place where celebrities, models and other musicians wander publicly.

– Enormous and ruthless crowds over incredibly famous musicians often reuniting or projecting dead holographic musicians on stage.

-V.I.P passes, obsession with appearance and surrendering talent over fame.

However, if none of the previous things bother you it’s a great time and not to mention a hell of a party. The festival seems to be getting the most critical response this year than ever before. This is likely because somehow in the slaughterhouse of the commercial music industry and immense digital emphasis of almost everything most music festivals have remained authentic. The festival generates an amazing amount of revenue not only for the musicians but California itself. Most People that attend spend the week in between the two festival weekends close by enjoying the rest of California. The weekend separation makes the festival more of a destination vacation and more elitist as it only caters to those with money.

Coachella is not authentic, it just isn’t. There are a dozen archetypes of people you see walking around waiting to see or be seen. The most common archetypes are the “dudes” or the “woo girls” but not the nice dudes or the “wu girls”. It is difficult to get to any of the stages and when you do it is difficult to make your way around. However, all of this is only bothersome if you let it be. Although the festival is made mostly of the kids in high school who made fun of the others kids in high school that frequent other music festivals, the whole thing is kind of a riot. I have seen countless articles already on “The most ridiculous dressed people at Coachella” or quotes such as “If you go to Coachella you are part of the problem” All of which steer completely away from why it fundamentally exists-music. Remember that thing?

First of all, when we focus too much on people at the festival who make it less musical we are in turn making it only less musical for ourselves by getting distracted by nonsense. Each performance is well crafted and pre meditated and things happen on stage that make people excited. Second of all, once we start taking music festivals too seriously they are over, the excitement dries up and the music suffers which only proves we are mere victims not pioneers of sub cultures. If we don’t like something we should try to make it better by encompassing what we do like and what we want. There is no significant outcome that derives from excessively exhibiting why we don’t like something in a medium as inconsequential as social media. There were some face-melting, brain changing, body numbing performances last weekend including Beck, Bryan Ferry, Neutral Milk Hotel and Mogwai. So, when you are the middle of the desert and you hear the refined talent of musicians-you dance, lose yourself in the music and stop giving a fuck about everything because isn’t that what it’s all about? Weekend two we here go!

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